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2019-11-24 Niedziela 00:01

The Silesian Stadium has become a partner of the campaign ‘POLAND SEE MORE – HALF-PRICE WEEKEND’. The next edition of this campaign will take place on 22-24 November 2019. As part of the campaign, visiting the stadium and renting sports facilities will be available for half the price!

November’s weekend, regardless of the weather ahead, is the perfect time to get to know one of the most beautiful and largest sports facilities in the country. The tour includes, among others, entering the main arena of the Silesian Stadium, going through the competition tunnel to the national changing rooms, watching the exhibition ‘The Power of Emotions. Silesian Stadium 1956-2017’ and visiting the police station.

As part of the campaign, promotional prices for the rental of sports facilities will also apply!

Possibility of booking facilities and dates of trips from October 30, 2019. A detailed price list can be found here and here. All details about our sightseeing tour and contact informations you can find here.

‘POLAND SEE MORE – HALF-PRICE WEEKEND is a national promotional campaign in which entrepreneurs from the tourism industry submit their offers and tourists use them at reduced prices. The action was initiated by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism. It has been organized by the Polish Tourist Organization for five editions in cooperation with the Ministry of Sport and Tourism. All details about the campaign can be found at www.polskazobaczwiecej.pl.


Guided tours:

Regular price – PLN 5,00

Discounted price* – PLN 2,50

Guided group tours (over 15 person – price per person):

Regular price – PLN 4,00

Discounted price* – PLN 1,50

Children up to the age of 3 are free for charge.

Scenic Viewpoint – PLN 5,00

Photo booth (for one photo) – PLN 5,00

* Discounts apply to: children, school youth, pensioners, disabled persons and persons with disabilities with a carer.